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I crushed my first Table of Doom (while I was working the first draft for Cliffton) and my last one was epic fail. I wrote half the prompts in like a month and then never got around to doing anymore because apparently my rewrite involves a lot of outlining and wanking about voice/character development on my blog and, um, reading?

Notice how I didn't say anything about actually writing parts of the book. Although I'm going to stop wanking and go work on my Calla piece now. And in hopes that it will force me to at least rework some scenes from the book, I am signing up to do one again this time. This way, I have to do at least 20 Cliffton pieces by August 28th.

Gah, why is "buttons" one of the prompts? I'm not rewriting that this summer. I'm not.

01. Forgotten 02. "Everybody lies." 03. Flowers 04. Blood, Sweat, Tears 05. Sweets
06. The End 07. "If I die before I wake..." 08. Idle hands 09. A gun to the head 10. Excuses
11. A stairway to heaven 12. Hope 13. Pink elephants 14. Pierced through the heart 15. Buttons
16. A doorway to hell 17. Tick-Tock 18. Between the sheets 19. Fallen angel 20. Blinding light

Instead of writing, I'm now looking at the prompts and deciding what scenes I will rewrite out of order.


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