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Title: Security
Prompt: I Laughed So Hard and What Would _____ Do?
Bonus? Nope
Word Count:
Rating: PG-13 for f-bombs
Original/Fandom: Original (Cliffton)
Pairings (if any) Nope
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): If you click the link at the bottom, then um... emotional abuse?
Summary: What does Brendan do when he thinks no one is watching?

Spying on Brendan was supposed to cheer me up - a joke at his expense. My typical asshole shit. I haven't been feeling so fucking hot. Needed some kind of comic relief. Wes makes me laugh, but he asks too many questions. I don't want to fucking talk.

Setup was a breeze. Brendan's a creature of habit - showers the same time every fucking morning. With the camera placed, it was simple. Our security system is fucking epic.

What a disappointment, though. Other than his tighty whities, Brendan's not that funny. All he does is exercise. 3 hours of weights, plus the punching bag - comes in at random times to pound it. Rage issues. Fucking creepy. Probably better I'm keeping an eye on him.

But what I saw today - I don't fucking know.

He keeps this tiny robot on his bedside table. Says goodnight to it every night. Weird, but who am I to judge? I've got my share of fucking quirks. Today, he came in, looking like I fucking feel. Picked up the robot, just looked at it a while.

"Devin was right about me," he finally whispered. "My own brother hates me - I'm fucking worthless."

Yup, it's another cheerful day here in Cliffton. Hey, at least it's only 200 words of happiness? Double drabble! This one takes place, um, a few weeks after this other super happy story. I swear I will write something goofy again for this universe. And maybe someday I'll write one where Devin has redeeming qualities? Maybe.


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